FCF International

About Faith Christian Fellowship

In 1977 the Lord spoke to Buddy and Pat Harrison in a hotel room in Michigan and told them to return to Tulsa, start a family church, a charismatic teaching center, and reach the world for Jesus. That organization was Faith Christian Fellowship. Much has happened since they faithfully obeyed the instruction of the Lord. Today FCF International is a worldwide ministry that has works in forty-two countries. Their scope encompasses evangelism, churches, Bible training centers, vocational training, and humanitarian services. Their purpose is to assist men and women in fulfilling the call of God upon their lives and it’s the belief of FCF that we are the hands and feet of Jesus extended to one another and the world.

The ministry of Faith Christian Fellowship is based upon the Great Commission in Mark, chapter 16. Faith Christian Fellowship has 173 affiliate and associate churches, 125 churches pastored by FCF credentialed ministers, 19 affiliate and associate traveling ministries, and 879 credentialed ministers in the United States. In other nations, there are 809 FCF churches (in 39 countries), 1,045 ministers, and 22 FCF missionary families.

Additionally, FCF operates six clinics and two hospitals in Africa as well as twelve mobile medical teams that serve other nations. In Africa alone, FCF feeds more than 60,000 children and adults daily. Around the world, they meet emergency needs for thousands of people during famine and natural disasters. They also operate four vocational schools in four countries, teaching skills with the goal of making people self-sufficient.

Why the name Faith Christian Fellowship?

Faith – because FCF was begun in faith.
Christian – because FCF is centered on and around Christ.
Fellowship – because it speaks of family and sharing.